Welcome to the world of Serge and Lusy Bolkhovitoff, designers and professional artists.


- Serge has a Master Degree in Fine Arts and Lusy is a successful creator of many one-of-kind artworks. 


- They specialize in custom stained glass panels, windows, and decorative objects, and are currently working with customers in the Greater Toronto Area. 


- They have collaborated with architects, interior designers, window manufacturers and home builders, as well as the private sector. 


- Together, Serge and Lusy have created a unique artist style that is pleasing to a variety of interiors. 


- If your home decor is a certain style, like Victorian or Art Nouveau, custom stained glass window to match that style.



Metro Toronto Convention Centre

De Art Glass

"The Signatures Art Show"



National Trade Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto

De Art Glass

"The Signatures Art Show"



If you would like to look through our portfolio for some design ideas, or if you have a unique idea of your own, feel free to give us a call.


One of us will come to your home or office for a consultation and written estimate, including a delivery schedule.


We will take into account your design, style and requirements to insure a pleasing creation for your environment.


Once a design is chosen and approved, you will work closely with us in deciding on glass colors, textures and patterns.


When the window is complete we will take care of all aspects of installation.